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1. The worlds largest solar power plant has recently opened at which of the following places in Tamil Nadu?
a) Salem
b) Kamuthi
c) Dindigul
d) Hosur

ANS b) Kamuthi

2. International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons was observed on
a) 24 September
b) 25 September
c) 26 September
d) 27 September

ANS (c) 26 September

3. Name the state/union territory whose government decided to write off all farm loans taken from co-operative Banks.
a) Delhi
b) Bihar
c) Puducherry
d) Uttar Pradesh

ANS (c) Puducherry

4. Name the state that organised Sugama Sancharam - barrier-free-travel to mark the world tourism day.
a) Delhi
b) Goa
c) Kerala
d) Punjab

ANS (c) Kerala

5. A new species of a ground-dwelling lizard was recently discovered in Mumbai. The lizard is named after which of the following scientists?
a) Varad Giri
b) Aaron Bauer
c) Zeeshan Mirza
d) Saunak Pa

ANS a) Varad Giri

6. Which country recently launched world's biggest radio telescope in search for extraterrestrial life?
a) India
b) China
c) The Netherlands
d) The United Kingdom

ANS (b) China

7. Name the Indian player who recently won India's first medal at Asian Beach Games.
a) Pincky Balhara
b) Shivam Bhowmick
c) Rajat Malhotra
d) None of the above

ANS (a) Pincky Balhara

8. Name the first Russian-Pakistani joint military exercise, which recently commenced in Pakistan.
a) Babar-2016
b) Cherat-2016
c) Moskow Friendship-2016
d) Druzhba-2016

ANS (d) Druzhba-2016

9. Who won the 2016 St Petersburg Open Mens Singles title?
a) Stan Wawrinka
b) Alexander Zverev
c) Roger Federer
d) Andy Murray

ANS (b) Alexander Zverev

10. Who won the 2016 St Petersburg Open Mens Doubles title?
a) Dominic Inglot and Henri Kontinen
b) Leander Paes and Andre Begemann
c) Leander Paes and Henri Kontinen
d) Treat Huey and Henri Kontinen

ANS (a) Dominic Inglot and Henri Kontinen

11. Name the satellite of students of IIT, Bombay that was launched in ISROs launch in which it sent eight satellites to space under one mission?
a) Pratham
d) Junoon

ANS (a) Pratham

12. Name the country whose voters have given a strong approval to a law on new surveillance powers for the intelligence agencies.
a) Japan
b) Germany
c) Philippines
d) Switzerland

ANS (d) Switzerland

13 Who of the following won the womens doubles title at the Toray Pan Pacific Open trophy?
a) Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis
b) Chen Liang and Zhaoxuan Yang
c) Zhaoxuan Yang and Barbora Strycova
d) Sania Mirza and Barbora Strycova

ANS (d) Sania Mirza and Barbora Strycova

14. Name the person who won the Under-19 Asian Junior Individual squash championship title.
a) Tushar Shahani
b) Yash Fadte
c) Velavan Senthilkumar
d) Mohammad Al-Sarraj

ANS (c) Velavan Senthilkumar

15. Union Health Ministry has decided to launch the Mission Parivar Vikas in what number of High Focus districts in seven states?
a) 96
b) 112
c) 133
d) 145

ANS (d) 145

16 Name the film that has been selected as India's entry to the 89th Academy Awards (Oscars) to be held in 2017 in the Foreign Language Film category.
a) Neerja
b) Udta Punjab
c) Sairat
d) Visaranai

ANS (d) Visaranai

17. Name Indias largest civilian research and development agency that celebrated its platinum jubilee on 26 September 2016.
a) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
b) Defence Research & Development Organisation
c) Directorate General of Civil Aviation
d) Indian Patent Office

ANS (a) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

18. Name the long range air-to-air missile that was successfully test fired by Indian Air Force from Mirage-2000 Upgrade combat aircraft.
a) Novator K-100
b) Barack-8
d) Astra


19. Name the state/union territory that increased the retirement age of doctors working in its hospitals to 65 years.
a) Pondicherry
b) Delhi
c) West Bengal
d) Punjab

ANS (b) Delhi

20. Name the Sangeet Natak Akademi winning Hindi and Urdu writer and television personality who died in September 2016.
a) Reoti Saran Sharma
b) Nalinidhar Bhattacharyya
c) Gobind Tez
d) TA Rasaq

ANS (a) Reoti Saran Sharma

21. Staffan de Mistura, the UN Special Envoy to a country called the countries crisis as the worst humanitarian tragedy since the Second World War. Name the country.
a) Iraq
b) North Korea
c) Syria
d) Ukraine

ANS (c) Syria

22. Name the venue from where Asias oldest and worlds 3rd toughest mountain biking (MTB) race kicked off.
a) Shimla
b) Nainital
c) Mussoorie
d) Manali

ANS (a) Shimla

23. Name the state that adopted the resolution to use Cauvery water only for drinking needs.
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Pondicherry
c) Kerala
d) Karnataka

ANS (d) Karnataka

24. Name the person for whose birth centenary commemoration the Union Government approved the constitution of two committees.
a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
b) MS Golwalkar
c) Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay
d) Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

ANS (c) Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay

25. Name the state that quashed all notifications regarding 10 percent quota for EBC Economically Backward Classes.
a) Haryana
b) Gujarat
c) Goa
d) Maharashtra

ANS (b) Gujarat


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