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1. Name the state/union territory that in January 2016 launched India's largest public Wi-Fi service.
a) Maharashtra
b) Delhi
c) Karnataka
d) Kerala

2. Who won the prestigious Technical Achievement Award 2016 recently?
a) Kalyan Krishnamurthy
b) Parag Havaldar
c) Kaushal Verma
d) Vikas Rajput

3. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently signed agreement with which country for satellite launch technology?
a) Japan
b) USA
c) France
d) China

4. Name the state that came up with an amendment in its Land Revenue Code to facilitate development plan that has been finalised.
a) Maharashtra
b) Delhi
c) Bihar
d) Assam

5. Which country test-fired the first submarine-launched Cruise Missile Babur-3?
a) Sri Lanka
b) China
c) India
d) Pakistan

6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Nobel Prize Exhibition in which state?
a) Rajasthan
b) Punjab
c) Gujarat
d) Delhi

7. Food and Drug Administration of which state has asked restaurant chain McDonald's to display a label mentioning that a particular beverage contains caffeine.
a) Delhi
b) Karnataka
c) Punjab
d) Maharashtra

8. Haryana has decided to set up the 'State level Prarambh School for Teachers Education' at village Silani over an area of 10 acres. Silani falls under the ambit of which of the following districts?
a) Kurukshetra
b) Jhajjar
c) Ambala
d) Jind

9. Who was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Flipkart?
a) Binny Bansal
b) Nitin Seth
c) Nidhi Verma
d) Kalyan Krishnamurthy

10. The Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awards were recently conferred in Bengaluru, Karnataka. In this regard, consider the following statements.
I. The number of awards to be conferred for Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2017 has been doubled to 30.
II. It is for the first time that an Indian woman living in Saudi Arabia was honoured with the Samman.
Which is/are correct?
a) Only I
b) Only II
c) Both I and II
d) Neither I nor II

11. Which of the following movies won the 74th Golden Globes Best Motion Picture Award in the Musical or Comedy category?
a) Moonlight
b) Nocturnal Animals
c) La La Land
d) Fences

12. Which of the following movies won the 74th Golden Globes Best Motion Picture Award in the Drama category?
a) La La Land
b) Moonlight
c) Nocturnal Animals
d) Fences

13. Who of the following won the Best FIFA Men's Player 2016 award?
a) Cristiano Ronaldo
b) Lionel Messi
c) Antoine Griezmann
d) None of the above

14. It is in this State Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB) touched 900-mark after a gap of 20 years.
a) Punjab
b) Haryana
c) Rajasthan
d) Bihar

15. It is in this city India International Exchange was inaugurated.
a) Gandhinagar
b) Mumbai
c) New Delhi
d) Kolkata

1. (a) Maharashtra
2. (b) Parag Havaldar
3. (c) France
4. (a) Maharashtra
5. (d) Pakistan
6. (c) Gujarat
7. (d) Maharashtra
8. (b) Jhajjar
9. (d) Kalyan Krishnamurthy
10. (c) Both I and II
11. (c) La La Land
12. (b) Moonlight
13. (a) Cristiano Ronaldo
14. (b) Haryana
15. (a) Gandhinagar


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