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1. Who among the following was appointed as the acting Governor of Meghalaya?
a)    Banwarlal Purohit
b)    Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya
c)    V Shanmuganathan
d)    K Rosaiah
2. What was India’s rank in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2016?
a)    76
b)    77
c)    78
d)    79
3. Who was appointed as the acting Governor of Arunachal Pradesh?
a)    Ch Vidyasagar Rao
b)    P B Acharya
c)    ESL Narasimhan
d)    P Sathasivam
4. Which country was declared as the most corruption-free nation by the Corruption Perceptions Index 2016?
a)    Denmark
b)    Finland
c)    The Netherlands
d)    Germany
5. He was appointed as the Chancellor of Nalanda University.
a)    Alok Kumar Verma
b)    Surekha Marandi
c)    Dr Vijay Bhatkar
d)    Anil Baijal
6. The 2017 Australian Tennis Open Women’s Singles title was won by
a)    Venus Williams
b)    Serena Williams
c)    Victoria Azarenka
d)    Maria Sharapova
7. The T20 World Cup Cricket for Blind will be held for around two weeks in February 2017 in this country.
a)    Bangladesh
b)    Sri Lanka
c)    Pakistan
d)    India
8. The UNSC extended arms embargo on this country for another year.
a)    Nigeria
b)    Somalia
c)    Uganda
d)    Central African Republic
9. The 3-day long Brahmaputra Literary festival was inaugurated in
a)    Imphal
b)    Guwahati
c)    Shillong
d)    Gangtok
10. It is in this country the first human-pig hybrid embryo was created in the lab.
a)    The USA
b)    The UK
c)    Germany
d)    France
11. Dulari Kanya programme was launched by this State Government to check infant mortality.
a)    Punjab
b)    Haryana
c)    Gujarat
d)    Arunachal Pradesh
12. The 2017 Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Partnership Summit was held in
a)    Telangana
b)    Karnataka
c)    Andhra Pradesh
d)    Tamil Nadu
13. The 2-day long North East Investors’ Summit will be held in
a)    Shillong
b)    Aizawl
c)    Guwahati
d)    Kohima
14. As per the RBI, India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves reached this many US dollars in the week ended by 20 January 2017.
a)    USD 360.775 billion
b)    USD 460.775 billion
c)    USD 560.775 billion
d)    USD 660.775 billion
15. As per the India Skills Report 2017, educated youth of this State are one of the most poorly skilled in the country.
a)    Telangana
b)    Maharashtra
c)    West Bengal
d)    Madhya Pradesh

1.  (a) Banwarlal Purohit
2.  (d) 79
3.  (b) PB Acharya
4.  (a) Denmark
5. (c) Dr Vijay Bhatkar
6. (b) Serena Williams
7. (d) India
8. (d) Central African Republic
9. (b) Guwahati
10.  (a) The USA
11.  (d) Arunachal Pradesh
12.  (c) Andhra Pradesh
13.  (a) Shillong
14.  (a) USD 360.775 billion
15.  (a) Telangana


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