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 Sir John Hurt, who passed away recently, belonged to which country? 
a) Germany
b) France 
c) Poland
d) England

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently ground tested the Cryogenic Upper Stage engine meant for the rocket GSLV-Mark-III. The Cryogenic Upper Stage is designated as: 
a) C11
b) C19
c) C25
d) C32

3. Who was appointed as special assistant to US President on ethics and compliance matters, a key White House position?
a) Mohan Sahu
b) Uttam Dhillon
c) Nikki Haley
d) Bobby Jindal

4. Who was sworn-in as Karnataka Lokayukta recently?
a) Vajubhai R Vala
b) Y Bhaskar Rao
c) P Vishwanath Shetty
d) Uday Shetty

5. India's first Fanatic Sports Museum was inaugurated in which city?
a) Lucknow
b) Kolkata
c) Delhi
d) Ambala

6. Who of the following won the 2017 Tata Steel Chess Tournament?
a) Wesley So
b) Magnus Carlsen
c) Viswanathan Anand
d) Viktor Korchnoi

Name the Indian doctor selected for the 2017 Ophthalmology Hall of Fame?
a) Devi Shetty
b) Anil Aggrawal
c) A.K. Patel
d) Gullapalli N. Rao 

8. Who won the 2017 Australian Open Women’s Singles title?
a) Angelique Kerber
b) Venus Williams
c) Serena Williams
d) None of the above

Who won the 2017 Australian Open Men’s Singles title?
a) Rafael Nadal
b) Roger Federer
c) Novak Djokovic
d) None of the above

Who of the following was appointed as the Miss Universe 2016?
a) Miss France Iris Mittenaere
b) Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier
c) Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar
d) Miss Kenya Mary Esther Were

11. Who won the 2017 Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold women’s singles badminton title?
a) P V Sindhu
b) Sania Mirza
c) Jwala Gutta
d) Ashwini Ponnappa

12. Who won the 2017 Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold men’s singles badminton title?
a) Kidambi Srikanth
b) Sameer Varma
c) Pranav Chopra
d) Chetan Anand

13. As per an announcement made by the Union Ministry of Finance, the General Anti Avoidance Rules will come into force on 
a) 1 April 2017
b) 1 May 2017
c) 1 June 2017
d) 1 July 2017

14. Who was appointed as the UN in India Goodwill Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
a) Ashok Amritraj
b) Priyanaka Chopra
c) Aamir Khan
d) Leander Paes

15. On which day Anti-leprosy day was observed in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi?
a) 27 January 2017
b) 28 January 2017
c) 29 January 2017
d) 30 January 2017


1. (d) England 
2. (c) C25
3. (b) Uttam Dhillon
4. (c) P Vishwanath Shetty
5. (b) Kolkata
6. (a) Wesley So
7. (d) Gullapalli N. Rao 
8. (c) Serena Williams
9. (b) Roger Federer
10. (a) Miss France Iris Mittenaere
11. (a) P V Sindhu
12. (b) Sameer Varma
13. (a) 1 April 2017
14. (a) Ashok Amritraj
15. (d) 30 January 2017


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