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Union Budget (Agriculture) 2017 Quiz 4 for UPSC BANKING PSC EXAMS

1. As per Union Budget 2017, Agriculture Sector is expected to grow at what per cent in the FY 2017-18?
a) 3.8 per cent
b) 4.1 per cent
c) 4.6 per cent
d) 4.8 per cent

2. In Union Budget 2017, the Agriculture Credit Target for FY 2017-18 was fixed at what price?
a) Rs 5 lakh crore
b) Rs 10 lakh crore
c) Rs 15 lakh crore
d) Rs 20 lakh crore

3. How much funds were allocated for the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) under the Union Budget 2017? 
a) Rs 5000 crore
b) Rs 7000 crore
c) Rs 9000 crore
d) Rs 11000 crore

4. As per Union Budget 2017, a dedicated micro-irrigation fund will be set up by NABARD to achieve the goal of 'Per Drop More Crop'. What will be its initial corpus of this fund?
a) Rs 5000 crore
b) Rs 10000 crore
c) Rs 15000 crore
d) Rs 20000 crore

5. The coverage of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana will be increased to what per cent in the FY 2017-18?
a) 20 per cent
b) 30 per cent 
c) 40 per cent 
d) 50 per cent 

6. As per Union Budget 2017, Dairy processing units will be developed in order to help farmers. What amount was allocated for these units?
a) Rs 2000 crore
b) Rs 4000 crore
c) Rs 6000 crore
d) Rs 8000 crore

7. As per Budget 2017, the total support to Agriculture and rural sector was raised by how much per cent for FY 2017-18?
a) 14 per cent
b) 18 per cent
c) 22 per cent
d) 24 per cent

 In order to improve access to irrigation, the Budget 2017 provided how much long-term irrigation fund under NABARD?
a) Rs 20000 crore
b) Rs 30000 crore
c) Rs 40000 crore
d) Rs 50000 crore

 The Union Budget 2017 allocated how much financial assistance for every e-NAM (National Agriculture Market)?
a) Rs 25 lakh
b) Rs 50 lakh
c) Rs 75 lakh
d) Rs 100 lakh

10. The coverage of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana will be increased to what per cent in the FY 2018-19?
a) 40 per cent 
b) 50 per cent 
c) 60 per cent
d) 70 per cent

1. (b) 4.1 per cent
2. (b) Rs 10 lakh crore
3. (c) Rs 9000 crore
4. (a) Rs 5000 crore
5. (c) 40 per cent 
6. (d) Rs 8000 crore
7. (d) 24 per cent
8. (a) Rs 20000 crore
9. (c) Rs 75 lakh
10. (b) 50 per cent


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