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1. Which of the following ministries has been implementing the Hamari Dharohar Scheme?
a) Union Ministry of Human Resource Development
b) Union Ministry of Home Affairs
c) Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry
d) Union Ministry of Minority Affairs

2. This multilateral agency launched the Economic Survey of India 2017 recently.
b) World Bank Group
c) International Monetary Fund
d) Asian Development Bank

3. The National Consultation Workshop on Urban Development was held in
a) Chennai
b) Kolkata
c) New Delhi
d) Hyderabad

4. It is from the coast of this State, India successfully test-fired Prithivi supersonic interceptor missile.
a) West Bengal
b) Maharashtra
c) Odisha
d) Kerala

5. Noted play writer Tarak Mehta passed away recently. He belonged to
a) Punjab
b) Karnataka
c) Gujarat
d) Madhya Pradesh

6. What is the theme of the Zero Discrimination Day 2017 that was observed recently?
a) Stand Out
b) Open Up, Reach Out
c) Make Some Noise for Zero Discrimination
d) None of the above

7. Who of the following recently assumed charge of the Chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Tribes?
a) D R Doley Barman
b) Nand Kumar Sai
c) Vinay Madhav Kumar
d) None of the above

8. Who of the following was recently appointed as the Director of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy?
a) D R Doley Barman
b) Aruna M Bahuguna
c) Vinay Madhav Kumar
d) None of the above

9. Which among the following statements was not included in Trump’s first address to the US congress?
a) US will meet the financial obligations of all the NATO members
b) US will adopt a merit-based immigration system
US will seek the help of its Muslim allies to destroy the ISIS
c) US will build a great wall on the US-Mexican border

10. Which state’s government has decided to appoint a teacher to monitor cleanliness in all of its high schools?
a) Meghalaya
b) Assam
c) Gujarat
d) Uttarakhand

11. Senior IAS officer Sumit Mullick has been appointed as the Chief Secretary of which state?
a) Maharashtra
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Karnataka
d) Orissa

12. Which state is going to host the river festival called ‘Namami Brahmaputra’?
a) Assam
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) West Bengal
d) Tripura

13. India’s first Antyodaya Express was launched by the Railways Ministry recently. The express will run between which stations?
a) Ernakulam and Howrah
b) Sriganganagar and Tiruchirapalli
c) New Delhi and Kanyakumari
d) Nizamuddin and Palakkad

 Name the fully unreserved train that as flagged off by the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu for common people?
a) Uday Express
b) Antyodaya Express
c) Hamsafar Express
d) Sankalp Express

15. Who was accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Togo with residence in Accra (Ghana)?
a) Ashok Kumar Bisth
b) Sandeep Srivastava
c) Birender Singh Yadav
d) Dhirendra Pratap Singh


1. (d) Union Ministry of Minority Affairs
2. (a) OECD
3. (c) New Delhi
4. (c) Odisha
5. (c) Gujarat
6. (c) Make Some Noise for Zero Discrimination
7. (b) Nand Kumar Sai
8. (a) D R Doley Barman
9. (a) US will meet the financial obligations of all the NATO members
10.(b) Assam
11. (a) Maharashtra
12.(a) Assam
13. (a) Ernakulam and Howrah
14. (b) Antyodaya Express
15. (c) Birender Singh Yadav


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