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1. Who was recently appointed as the Head Coach of the India’s U-17 team for the FIFA U-17 World Cup?
a) Nicolai Adam
b) Bhaichung Bhutia
c) Stephen Constantine
d) Luis Norton de Matos

2. It is from a submarine of this class, the Indian Navy successfully test-fired an anti-ship missile recently.
a) INS Kalvari
b) INS Arihant
c) INS Chakra
d) INS Vela

3. This company won the 7th National Award for Technology Innovation in Petrochemicals and Downstream Plastics Processing Industry in the category of Innovation in Polymeric Materials.
a) Bharat Petroleum
b) Reliance Industries
c) Hindustan Petroleum
d) Oil India Limited

4. This State Government presented the Budget 2017-18 recently with an outlay of Rs 1,06,911 crore.
a) Telangana
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Odisha
d) Tamil Nadu

5. Who was appointed as Chief Commissioner of Right to Services (RTS) of Maharashtra? 
a) Sumit Mullick 
b) Kashish Nandan 
c) Nirmal Gupta 
d) Swadheen Kshatriya 

6. What was the theme of 2017 International Rare Disease Day (IRDD)?
a) Research 
b) Solidarity 
c) Mystery Diagnosis 
d) Rehabilitation 

7. How much loan amount was sanctioned by the World Bank (WB) for the Tejaswini project? 
a) USD 50 million 
b) USD 63 million 
c) USD 76 million 
d) USD 84 million 

8. Which country was granted the approval for visa-free travel to the European Union by the member states recently?
a) Russia
b) Azerbaijan
c) Turkey
d) Georgia

9. Who won the BCCI Polly Umrigar Award 2015-2016?
a) R Ashwin
b) M S Dhoni
c) Virat Kohli
d) None of the above

10. Who of the following is named as India's next Ambassador to the World Trade Organisation?
a) Amanpreet Singh
b) J S Deepak
c) Vivek Kumar
d) None of the above

11. Who won the gold medal in the 50m men’s air pistol event at the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi?
a) Jitu Rai
b) Vahid Golkhandan
c) Amanpreet Singh
d) None of the above

12. Name the state that signed an agreement with Invest India to promote start-ups and MSME sector of the state.
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Bihar
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Odisha 

13. Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL) has signed a Licensing Agreement for Transfer of Technology of High Nitrogen Steel (HNS) for armour applications with an organisation. Name it.
a) Jindal Stainless Limited 
b) Tata Steels
c) Nippon Steel

14. The ‘Working Group on Migration’ on 1 March 2017 submitted its report to the union government. Consider the following statement in context to the budget. 
I. The 18-member working group/panel was headed by Partha Mukhopadhay of the Centre for Policy Research. 
II. It proposes amendments to the protocols of the registrar general of India. 
III. It talks about interstate operability of public distribution system (PDS). 

Which is/are correct?

a) Only I and II 
b) Only I and III
c) Only II and III
d) I, II and III

15. Jayant Malaiyya, the finance minister of Madhya Pradesh, on 1 March 2017 presented the annual state budget of the financial year 2017-18 in the legislative assembly. Consider the following statement in context to the budget. 
I. Size of the budget 2017-18 was Rs 185564.27 crore. 
II. It proposes to implement the 7th pay commission from 1 April 2017. 
III. Rs 21 crore was allocated for computerisation of High Court, Subordinate Courts and Advocate General Office. 

Which is/are correct?

a) Only I and II 
b) Only I and III
c) Only II and III
d) I, II and III


1. (d) Luis Norton de Matos
2. (a) INS Kalvari
3. (b) Reliance Industries
4. (c) Odisha
5. (d) Swadheen Kshatriya 
6. (a) Research
7. (b) USD 63 million 
8. (d) Georgia
9. (c) Virat Kohli
10. (b) J S Deepak
11. (a) Jitu Rai
12. (d) Odisha 
13. (a) Jindal Stainless Limited 
14. (b) I, II and III
15. (b) Only I and III


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