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1. The 2017 World Water Day (WWD) was observed on 22 March with theme 
a) Water and Jobs
b) Water and Energy
c) Why Wastewater? 
d) Water and Jobs

2. Who of the following was appointed as Full Time Interim Director General of International Solar Alliance (ISA) in March 2017?
a) Upendra Tripathy 
b) Ghanshyam Singh 
c) Ankur Khanna 
d) Madhabi Puri Buch

3. Who of the following was recently elected as the Speaker of Goa Assembly?
a) Francisco Sardinha
b) Pratapsingh Rane
c) Anant Shet
d) Pramod Sawant

4. Majuli is soon to become India’s first carbon neutral district and biodiversity heritage site. The place is located in which of the following states?
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) West Bengal
c) Assam
d) Sikkim

5. Name the player who was recently ranked No. 1 in the ICC Test Bowling Rankings?
a) Ravichandran Ashwin
b) Ravindra Jadeja
c) Rangana Herath
d) Josh Hazlewood

6. Who of the following was recently appointed as the new Member- Traction Railway Board?
a) Ghanshyam Singh
b) Radhesyam Singh
c) Ramesh Yadav
d) None of the above

7. The 2017 World Down Syndrome Day that was observed on 21 March focuses on 
a) #MyVoiceMyCommunity
b) #OurCommunityOur Voice
c) #DownSyndromeNeedsConnectivity
d) None of the above

8. NASA is planning to send which object for a deep space mission in late 2017?
a) Clock 
b) Book
c) Safety pin
d) Lock

9. The upper house of Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha recently passed which crucial bill?
a) Hindu Marriage Bill
b) Transgender Bill
c) HIV/ AIDS Prevention and Control Bill
d) Gay Marriage Bill

10. The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee on 20 March 2017 presented the Gallantry Awards and Distinguished Service Decorations at a ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan. The awards were conferred to personnel belonging to which service background?
a) Armed Forces
b) Journalists
c) Academicians
d) Doctors

What was the theme of 2017 International Day of Forests? 
a) Forests and Energy 
b) Forests and Greenery 
c) Forests and Life 
d) Forests and Animals 

12. According to the Forbes 2017 World Billionaire Report, who is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire?
a) Diane Kemper
b) John Collison 
c) Jane Goldman
d) Amy Goldman Fowler

Who became the first woman belonging to private sector to be appointed as the Full-Time Member of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)?
a) Madhabi Puri Buch
b) Sara Blakely
c) Kalpana Morparia
d) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

14. According to the Forbes World Billionaire Report 2017, who was ranked as the wealthiest Indian?
a) Lakshmi Mittal
b) Azim Premji
c) Anil Ambani
d) Mukesh Ambani

15. The supreme court of this country limited the President's power to temporarily fill vacant government posts while nominations are tied up in partisan political fights in March 2017
a) The United States
b) Japan
c) France
d) Germany

1. (c) Why Wastewater? 
2. (a) Upendra Tripathy 
3. (d) Pramod Sawant
4. (c) Assam
5. (b) Ravindra Jadeja
6. (a) Ghanshyam Singh
7. (a) #MyVoiceMyCommunity
8. (a) Clock 
9. (c) HIV/ AIDS Prevention and Control Bill
10. (a) Armed Forces
11. (a) Forests and Energy
12. (b) John Collison
13. (a) Madhabi Puri Buch 
14. (d) Mukesh Ambani
15. (a) The United States


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