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1. Name the Indian social activist who is one of the six winners of Goldman Environmental Award 2017.
a) MC Mehta
b) Rasheeda Bi
c) Champaran Shukla
d) Prafulla Samantra

2. Who was awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2016?
a) Devika Rani
b) Kasinathuni Viswanath
c) Amir Khan
d) Naseeruddin Shah

3. Which state government signed MoU with Indian Railways to expand green cover? 
a) Kerala 
b) Uttar Pradesh 
c) Maharashtra 
d) Rajasthan 

4. Which Indian bank won the 2017 Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award (GPIPSA)? 
a) ICICI Bank 
b) State Bank of India 
c) Axis Bank
d) Yes Bank 

5. Which countries were elected to the Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC), a subsidiary body of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)?
a) Burkina Faso, Iran, Chile and Japan
b) India, Pakistan, Cuba and Belarus
c) Bulgaria, Moldova, UK, US and Brazil
d) All of the above

6. Which two countries recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to restore the diplomatic ties after a hiatus of 37 years?
a) Malaysia and the Philippines
b) Cuba and Morocco
c) Turkey and Saudi Arabia
d) None of the above

7. Which of the following Indian films won the Jury Prize for Best Film at the Hong Kong International Film Festival?
a) Hindi Medium
b) Prakash Electronic
c) Reloaded
d) Newton

8. Which of the following teams was declared the overall winner of the National Youth Athletics Meet?
a) Punjab
b) Kerala
c) Haryana
d) Delhi

9. Etihad recently appointed who of the following as the Chief Executive Officer Airline Equity Partners?
a) Bruno Matheu
b) Robin Kamark
c) Mohamed Mubarak
d) None of the above

10. Indian sprinter Man Kaur recently clinched the 100 metres sprint at the World Masters Games. The event was held in which of the following countries?
a) New Zealand
b) Australia
c) Canada
d) Italy

11. The Peshawar High Court recently allowed Pakistani Hindus to worship at a Shiva temple. The temple is located in which city?
a) Rawalpindi
b) Abbottabad
c) Peshawar 
d) Islamabad 

 The President of United States, Donald Trump wants to send American astronauts to which space body?
a) Mars
b) Venus 
c) Moon 
d) Saturn’s Moon 

13. Ten nations from across the world have come together to protect ancient heritage from terrorism. Which among the following nations is not a part of the group?
a) Iraq
b) China
c) Mexico
d) United Kingdom

14. Which city will be hosting the 2017 United Nations Oceans Conference?
a) Lisbon 
b) New York 
c) Beijing 
d) Geneva

15. The National Panchayati Raj Diwas is celebrated on which date in India? 
a) 23 April 
b) 22 April  
c) 20 April 
d) 24 April 

1. (a) Prafulla Samantra
2. (b) Kasinathuni Viswanath
3. (c) Maharashtra 
4. (d) Yes Bank
5. (d) All of the above
6. (b) Cuba and Morocco
7. (d) Newton
8. (c) Haryana
9. (b) Robin Kamark
10. (a) New Zealand
11. (b) Abbottabad
12. (a) Mars
13. (d) United Kingdom 
14. (b) New York
15. (d) 24 April


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