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1. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) in May 2017 banned open defecation and dumping of waste on the floodplains of this river. 
a) Krishna 
b) Yamuna
c) Ganga
d) Tapti 

2. Cabinet of this country has approved a bill that will allow its emperor to abdicate this thrown to allow the prince crown to take charge of the same. 
a) Japan
b) UAE
c) North Korea
d) Myanmar

3. As per a new report of the UNICEF, how many unaccompanied and separated children moving across borders were registered in 80 countries in 2015–16?
a) 300000
b) 250000
c) 66000
d) 98000

Who of the following won the All India Open Rapid FIDE Rating Chess Tournament?
a) Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury
b) Somak Palit
c) Prantik Roy
d) R R Laxman

5. President Pranab Mukherjee recently received the first copy of book ‘Metaphysics, Morals and Politics.’ Who is the author of the book?
a) Shirin M Rai
b) Baldav Raj Nayar
c) Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay
d) Sumantra Bose

6. Which Indian wildlife activist won the 2017 Whitley Awards?
a) Sanjay Gubbi
b) Naresh Kadyan
c) Aruna Sabhane
d) Shahriar Kabir

7. Anil Madhav Dave, who passed away recently, was the Union Minister of which department?
a) Labour and Employment
b) Environment, Forest and Climate Change
c) Petroleum and Natural Gas
d) Health & Family Welfare

8. Which Indian scientist won the 2017 Dan David prize in the “Future” category?
a) Dronamraju Krishna Rao
b) Biman Bagchi
c) Shrinivas Kulkarni
d) Har Gobind Khorana

9. Which Indian-American student won the 2017 National Geographic Bee contest?
a) Veda Bhattaram
b) George Sudarshan
c) Jayant Narlikar
d) Pranay Varada 

10. Which HADR Exercise of Indian Navy began recently?
a) Jalrahat
b) Prakampana
c) Sahayata
d) Karavali Karunya

11. Simbex-17 that recently commenced is a bilateral naval exercise between India and which other country?
a) Japan
b) Republic of Singapore
c) Vietnam
d) Indonesia

Union Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises Minister Anant Geete recently inaugurated the Test Track Facility in Chennai. The Facility is developed by?
a) Global Automotive Research Centre
b) Automotive Research Centre of India
c) DYPDC Center for Automotive Research and Studies
d) None of the above

13. Indian Army in May 2017 received the first two M-777 A-2 ultra-light howitzers (ULH) from the US. Name the company from which the howitzers were received.
a) Finmeccanica
b) United Technologies Corporation
c) General Dynamics
d) BAE systems

14. Name the Indian who was appointed one of the on-field umpires for the opening match of the Champions Trophy beginning on the first of June.
a) Anil Chaudhary
b) Sundaram Ravi
c) Amiesh Saheba
d) Surya Prakash Rao

15. High Court of this state has ordered an inquiry into allegations of fraud in the recruitment of Review and Assistant Review Officers at the state’s Assembly Secretariat during the tenure of previous government.
a) Bihar
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Punjab
d) Assam

1. (b) Yamuna
2. (a) Japan
3. (a) 300000
4. (d) R R Laxman
5. (c) Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay
6. (a) Sanjay Gubbi
7. (b) Environment, Forest and Climate Change
8. (c) Shrinivas Kulkarni
9. (d) Pranay Varada
10. (d) Karavali Karunya
11. (b) Republic of Singapore
12. (a) Global Automotive Research Centre
13. (d) BAE systems
14. (b) Sundaram Ravi
15. (b) Uttar Pradesh


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