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Facebook Launches ‘Express Wi-Fi’ in India

Facebook has launched its “Express Wi-Fi” commercially in India and the service is now available via 700 hotspots across four states of Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Meghalaya. 

Express Wi-Fi is a part of Facebook’s global initiative to expand internet connectivity. For the expansion of service, 

Facebook has announced a partnership with Bharti Airtel for setting up an additional 20,000 hotspots covering millions of Indians over the next few months. 

Apart from India, “Express Wi-Fi” services are currently active in Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Salient Features “Express Wi-Fi” services will complement mobile data offerings by providing a low-cost, high bandwidth service allowing users to get online for accessing apps, downloading contents amongst other things at affordable rates. 

Anyone will be able to access the Express Wi-Fi network by signing up with an Express Wi-Fi retailer and purchasing a daily, weekly or monthly data pack. 

They will then be allowed to start browsing by connecting to the Express Wi-Fi hotspot.


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