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World Asthma Day : May 2 observed globally

2 May: World Asthma Day

The World Asthma Day 2017 was observed across the world on 2 May 2017 with the theme 'Asthma: Better Air, Better Breathing'.

This year theme highlights the resurging environmental pollution and its hazardous impacts on health.

World Asthma Day is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve asthma awareness and care around the world. The Day was established in the year 1998.

As per latest reports by World Health Organization, over 235 million people suffer from asthma across the globe.
What is Asthma?
Asthma is a common lung condition that causes breathing problems. It is a long term chronic disease which is characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing, which varies in severity and frequency from person to person.

Its symptoms are breathlessness, coughing and difficulty in catching a breath. Symptoms become worse during physical activity and at night.

Few Signs of Asthma Attack:
• Difficulty in breathing
• Chest tightness or pressure
• Difficulties in speaking or coughing
• Feeling anxious and distressed
• Lips may begin to turn blue
• Pale and sweaty face

How can asthma be treated?
For such a chronic disease, it becomes important to get an appropriate medical treatment to help avoid severe episodes of breathlessness.

However, there is no defined cure of Asthma till date. Asthma patients usually resort to inhalers to prevent and relieve the symptoms.

Moreover, it is generally advised to seek immediate medical help, if attack becomes severe.


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